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Who are we?

We are professionals in the dental industry- we understand that going to the dentist isn’t fun, but a necessity not to neglect for good health. We pride our selves in finding suitable solutions for people’s dental problems. And we do it with excellence and honesty! Most of all we get those fuzzy feelings when we are able to make people happy from the interactions they have with us!


Our Aim

We aim to be current- most up to date with evidence based treatments. By keeping current we can assist in finding the best solution customised for you.

By saying “the best”, we keep LONGEVITY, RELIABILITY and COST EFFICIENCY in mind!


Our Philosophy

"We treat people as a whole and not a hole (in a tooth)"


- Dr. Dail

"This is THE Dentist to go to!

 The staff are so lovely and Dr. Dail Kim was exceptional, everyone there went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. I would like to thank everyone at this practice for a wonderful experience."


What We Do


Zoom zoom~
Have you heard of the saying?
Well... this is the product we like to use for whitening

as it offers the best results.

Best, meaning efficiency and safety in mind.


Ever thought about straightening your teeth?
We’ve been straightening teeth since 2007, and we believe we have a pretty good idea about the art of orthodontics. We offer all types of solutions from clear Aligners such as Invisalign to the fixed

brace options- steel and ceramic.

Dental Implants

This is a great place to tell people more about your special day and get them excited to celebrate.

More Info >

Currently known as the best way to replace missing teeth as it best resembles the natural tooth form. There are different types and techniques to complete a dental implant procedure - lucky for us, Dr. Dail is a key-note speaker on this topic.


He is currently involved in lecturing to dentists and training them on how to place dental implants using the latest technology. He does this nationally through Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast but also gets invited internationally. (where does he find the time?)

Aesthetic Dentistry

Another fancy set of words to say the teeth will look fabulous!


Needless to say, Dr. Dail will do any dental treatment to the best of his abilities - whether it is in the aesthetic zone- or in the less aesthetic areas- as the (artificial) tooth- still must look and feel and function... like a tooth (some wise person said that ahem #DrDail)

General Dentistry

This is a great place to tell people more about your special day and get them excited to celebrate.

As the old saying goes.. treat everyone like you do your family. We invite you to feel the difference with our team. You can find us at Riverside Dental in Nerang and Christian Kim Dental in Burleigh.


More locations in the pipe line so stay tuned. But out of interest- where would you like to conveniently see Dr. Dail and his team at?


Your best smile is

possible with Dr. Dail


Payment Plans

Dentistry and oral health care can be expensive at times. Dr. Dail has facilities to assist with delayed payment for dental treatment. 

Please ask his friendly staff on how you can get the treatment NOW and save on cashflow to meet the family budget.

Our Team

Meet the Team 

We are comprised of professionals who are committed to exceeding your expectations during every stage of your treatment.

  • Key Doctor for DIO - Dental Implants Australia

  • International/Local Trainer & Speaker

  • Braces & Aesthetic Dentistry

  • BOHDSc GraddipDent (Griffith University)

  • Treatment Coordinator

  • General Dentistry / Braces & Dental Implants

  • Certified Dental Radiology & Oral Health Promotion

  • Dental Assistant

  • General Dentistry

  • Braces & Dental Implants

  • Dental Hygienist in Korea

  • Co-ordinator

  • Dental Assistant

  • General Dentistry

  • Braces & Dental Implants

  • Reception Coordinator

  • General Dentistry

  • Braces & Dental Implants

  • Finance (Payment Plan) Coordinator

  • Reception Coordinator

  • General Dentistry

  • Braces & Dental Implants

  • Finance (Payment Plan) Coordinator

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